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About The Modelator

Hi everyone
The Modelator YouTube channel was conceived around a year ago.
We produce high quality Biography videos based on the entertainment business.

I am Ray, I have worked over 30 years in the movie industry as a sound engineer.
When I decided to retire, a collegue suggested that I start a Youtube Channel all about my interest in  the movie industry.

Hence the Modelator YouTube Channel was created.

At 71 years of age this new technology is a challenge to say the least.
So along came a very good friend Annabel to aid me in producing some basic videos.

Our dedication and a large learning curve later, we were soon producing very high quality productions.

We have steadily increased our subscriber rate to 10,000 and have been watched by over 3 million viewers, this continues to grow.

We are not monetised or sponsored in any way, internet fees, buying rights to use copyrighted material and a much needed computer and software upgrade is growing more and more expensive by the month.

How would we use our patrons money?
It would keep our Channel going, give us better resources to make better videos, give us more time to spend on the channel.

So we need Patrons to help us expand.
Keep us alive by becoming a Patron.
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Thank You
Ray, Annabel, Amy, Faye and Colette (The Modelator Team)
$0 of $300 per month
When we reach $300 per month we will produce 1 video per week only for our patrions to view.
These videos will only be published here on Patrion.
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