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“Dreams happen
when the Dreamers join together”.


Dear Amazing Readers and Friends!
My name is Alexander and I come from a small but very beautiful country called Moldova. In my adventurous life I have chosen to be an innovator, researcher, and environmentalist pursuing a vision of a sustainable world, where Humans and Nature coexist in balanced harmony and mutually supportive development. When I am not engaged in this, I do what I am most passionate about – writing poetry and novels.
The main topic of my literary works is the Nature in all its beauty and wisdom, as well as its relationships with us, Humans. In my books I explore how we interact with the surrounding natural environment, what can be the consequences of such interaction in the future, and what we can do to achieve a balanced life in harmony with the Nature. And these philosophical reflections are wrapped into a fabric of science fiction adventure novels.
Indeed, SciFi is the dominant style of my works. I study the existing scientific and technological advances and trends, and then attempt to predict how they will develop and influence our lifestyle and the natural environment in the future. At the same time I try to present the events in my works as realistically as possible. So, while reading my novels, you will feel yourself immersed in the plot and perceive it as almost real.
So far I have written 200+ poems, 3 short stories (“Black Hole” and “Road to Happiness”), and 2 novels. I publish them periodically on my blog "The Thoughts", as well as in the books. There are 3 of my books released by now: "The Thoughts: the World of My Heart and Soul", "Deep Into Another World", and "The Monster: Blade of Darkness".


"The Monster: Blade of Darkness" is my latest, largest, and most well-known published book. In fact, it is a product of collaborative contributions of many amazing people from different parts of the world. Perhaps you, dear Friend, is also one of these people, who made the dream of "The Monster: Blade of Darkness" become a reality.
The book "The Monster: Blade of Darkness" is now available for reading in Russian, English, and Ukrainian and in hardcover and e-book versions on Amazon, Barnes&Noble, Bestseller, etc. worldwide. The community of its readers constantly grows. I also give the book to public libraries in different countries for readers there to borrow it and enjoy it for free.
"The Monster: Blade of Darkness" is just the first part of the upcoming trilogy "The Monster". Nowadays I am writing the prequel to it entitled "Simply Love". This new romantic SciFi novel will focus on exploring the development of interpersonal relations and love in the surrounding technological world of the nearby future, as well as introduce the characters, who will play key roles in the next part of the trilogy "The Monster: Armageddon's Blade".
You can follow the progress of writing "Simply Love" and other books on the Facebook page of "The Monster" trilogy.


Now, why have I created this page and why do I invite you, dear Friend, to become part of supporters of the SciFi trilogy “The Monster”?
From one side, writing novels and publishing books is a long process that requires a lot of time, effort, focus, and creativity. At the same time I need to dedicate time and efforts to earn the living and support my retired parents, which certainly influences how much time remains available for finalizing “Simply Love” and completing “The Monster” trilogy. Your kind support will allow me allow me to dedicate more time and efforts to writing and publishing books, thus bringing you and other amazing readers worldwide the complete trilogy to enjoy within the next 5 years.
From another side, just like in the case of "The Monster: Blade of Darkness", I would like the entire trilogy “The Monster” to be a creation of an international community of amazing people. I would like to see a multitude of names, including yours, dear Friend, in every book of the trilogy, so that I can then inspire other writers to collaborate with each other and with their readers for making their literary dreams come true.


For your kind and valuable contribution you, dear Friend, will be mentioned as a Supporter in the Gratitude Letter in “Simply Love” and all the upcoming books of “The Monster” trilogy, as well as on the trilogy website and Facebook page.
You will also get free e-book and hardcover versions of all the books with your name displayed in them and my personal gratitude message to you.
Last but not least, you can choose to have a special page in all the books dedicated to you, where you can place your own content for every reader of “Simply Love” and “The Monster” trilogy to see.
I hope you find these benefits valuable to you, as I find very valuable your contribution to “The Monster” trilogy and your kind support to me in making this literary dream become real.
Thank you in advance, dear Friend, and wish you a MEGA successful, creative, and inspirational day!
With great respect and gratitude,
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Your kind contribution will allow me to dedicate 1 full day per each week to SciFi novel writing. This focus will help me finish my current novel "Simply Love" (prequel to the "Monster" trilogy) and bring it to you in Russian / English with your name in the Contributors List in every book.
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