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About The Most Unruly

So like... what do you do?

The Most Unruly cares about the craft and influences that make popular culture and music what it is today. We are not simply satisfied with consuming media without understanding what makes it tick. We are dedicated to curiosity and criticism, as well as education and evaluation. We make video essays primarily on music but have no reservations against moving into other facets of pop-culture. We are inspired to educate our viewers by allowing them to be able to view pop culture with an inquisitive and discerning eye. In a world of first-listen reviews and click-bait criticism, our aim is not to make sweeping, broad opinions or endorsements, but simply to illuminate and enlighten. Of course there is rarely any critical work that will not have some sort of bias, but no specific kind of agenda will be our main focus.

Primarily, The Most Unruly writes and creates Video Essays/Mini Documentaries currently about the craft and inspirations of popular music artists. We do plan in the future to cover other mediums of pop culture as well, but for now it's all about the music. A  couple examples include the latest video "Kanye West: The Making of Yeezus" and one of our earlier entries "Kendrick Lamar: Blackberries and White Lies" The former is an analysis of the staging of Kanye's live concert tours, while the latter delves into the artistic philosphical argument of "artists who copy" vs "artists who steal."

Why do you need our money??

I'm only able to produce so much with the little amount of free time/resources that I have. Your pledges will help me make doing this thing full time even more feasible. I will be able to use the money to invest in the many resources that it takes to keep something like this running. I currently do this all by myself. I write it, narrate it, source footage and photos, edit it, and handle all social media. I have a consultant who helps me during the editing process, but other than that, it is all me.

There is intensive research as well as editing, motion graphics, audio recording that goes into these video essays and I would love to get you guys the best products possible. The research is the most important aspect of all of this, and your donations will allow me to free up time to truly commit to diving head first into thouroughly researching and writing these videos.

With your pledges I can also allocate money to investing in higher production value, such as more original motion graphics/animation/footage in order to really make these videos come alive. 

How often do you post? 
Depends on the subject. But patrons will only be charged TWICE a month. 

How can we help?
By donating! You will receive many thanks from me and may even get your name in the credits depending on how much you donate. Even $1 can help go a long way!

Also! For those who cannot simply afford to pledge, I completely understand. However, if you know anyone who would be interested in donating, please feel free to share this along with them! Every little bit helps!

Thank you to those who have pledged, those who consider pledging and those who just love to watch! Much love to you all!

Remember to visit the blog for occasional updates at
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This will help me to invest in more resources (software upgrades, better microphone, computer hardware upgrades etc.) so that I can make you better content!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts