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About TheMultiMaker


My name is Menelaos and I come from Greece, particularly from Kisamos Crete. When I was a small kid my dream was to become an architect. I was very good at drawing, making home and car designs, painting, but as I was growing, computers and new technology became my new path. I started studying "Applied Informatics & Multimedia" and on my 3rd year of studies, I achieved a very important milestone for my future. I chose the Multimedia Path. From then till today I've never stopped working on Adobe Premiere & Photoshop... So now I can combine my old "talent" with my "new path".

I'm also a Youtube Creator Since 2007 but only the last 2-3 years my channel is more active. So this year i decided my channel to be changed. I created a new name, logo and content, and "TheMultiMaker" is born!!!

In my page I will try show some of my personal projects on crafting, painting, video editing, photography, timelapses, tutorials, etc


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