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Gain access to the Patreon feed and my Patreon only chat in Discord, where I will give personal updates, screenshots and small little snippets of music for future projects. As well as early access to all songs in video form before they are live on Youtube.
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High quality downloads of my WIP Instrumentals for both covers and original songs/pieces.  As well as free downloads for Original songs & Compositions.




per Original Song/Cover with a Created Instrumental

About TheMusicReborn

Hello Everyone, I'm TheMusicReborn!! 

I write music and perform it both online and offline. I have worked on many songs and other pieces within the Brony fanbase as well as bigger projects outside the fandom such as the animated short "The Spider and The Butterfly"

Being a musician in an area withe very little tools or chances to really grow and share my work with I do a lot of work online, both on my own as well as commissioned music.

I want to help give my viewers the best content I can give them but in order for me to do that I need help... a lot of it.. so if you can spare a few dollars, I'd be able to make better content much faster. This content includes

Original Songs & Compositions


Random other videos

Plus more to come in the future...

And to all supporters, I promise to get rewards out to you as soon as possible, and will improve awards as this grows. So I thank all of you that will come and support.

As stated earlier I also do commissions but I'm currently restructuring that format so I'll let you all know what the new prices are for that.
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Getting Started!!

This would be enough to help get some small things I need to survive like gas or food!!
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