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About The Music Spring

The Music Spring is an exciting, forward thinking, and progressive conspiracy! A conspiracy from within the music industry to demystify how successful music business is being done with integrity by everyday artists and music industry professionals all over the world.

Each week an online panel discussion takes place live via a Google Hangout On Air and is available to watch anytime afterwards on our YouTube channel.

Hosted by Lee Safar, the panel consists of 3 guests from around the world that change every week depending on the discussion. The Music Spring is produced by a team of your fellow artists/music entrepreneurs who work many many hours each weeks to produce the best show possible.

Your much appreciated pledges mean that we can grow The Music Spring further to reach more artists across the globe and create an industry where artists are paid first and are the most.
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We know it's tough when you're trying to get your music out there so the fact that you're contributing a dollar tells us that you're grateful for how this show is helping you bring success to your music business! So from the bottom of our hears thank you!  Every dollar counts!

For your $1 pledge you'll get access to our Patreon only feed and a warm and fuzzy feeling that because you've pledged to support this content, the universe will send you a fan that pays for your music. We're definite believers paying it forward!
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per weekly episode of 'the music spring'

Limited to a maximum of 10 patrons, this group will meet once a month to discuss the challenges being experienced within each members music business. Lead by our show host 'Lee Safar' (founder of The Music Spring), this group will nurture each other through difficult decision making processes, help problem solve and workshop solutions, share industry contacts, and encourage each other to great success.

If you're looking to take your music business to the next level and be a part of a group of like minded people, this is absolutely for you!
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Our goal is to have a show each week during each season which is specific to a different sector of the music industry. e.g: Mondays is for the business side of things, Tuesdays is for recording and production, Wednesdays is focused on media and marketing strategies, etc etc.

For every $5,000 increment we go up by in pledges, we'll expand our team and get more specialised staff and superstar guests from around the world innovating music business with integrity!
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