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First we want to say Thank You.  If you are looking at this page that means that you would like to help us continue this amazing journey.  We created the band The Mysteries Gone (TMG) in 2010 and decided that we wanted to take a leap of faith and make music full time.  People thought we were crazy for leaving successful jobs as actors to start our own production company, and at times we thought they might be right; however, when your spirit is called to something that becomes bigger than you, you have to go for it.

As Indie Musicians our main focus has been the Art of The Album. Our style is eclectic but our message is one of love and openness. We have taken many years to figure out our sound, and the way the Music Industry has traditionally operated has kept us driving for a DIY approach to our business. We are in control of the Music from the inception to the Final Polished product. With the advancement of Technology we have been able to create a new and interesting sound for commercial applications, and have been able to retain a level of authenticity that is truly ours. We are so proud of what we do. We only strive to become even more unique and inspirational as we continue forward.

The content of our music is bigger than us. It is a message of love, acceptance, forgiveness, strength and enlightenment that we want to give to the world.  And the only way we can do this and take care of our family is with help from you.  We now live in a world where there are social media platforms like Patreon that allow us to create love art for a living.  Now is the time for creatives with that entrepreneurial spirit to take the leap!

Becoming a part of our Patreon family you help us create not only more music and videos, but you will also help us focus our love and attention on a beautiful and vibrant planet teeming with  abundance. The money will go toward better equipment for production of music and videos. We also will be aggressively advertising through Facebook, YouTube, and other avenues of reaching our new audiences around the world that have until very recently not been affordable or even available to us. Oh and diapers! Our Rexy Boy goes though lots of diapers.

 We appreciate you!

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