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About The New American Media

From sports to spirituality, comedy to Congress, & freedom to firearms.
Seeking truth, challenging dogma, & having fun.
We invite you to join the "mostly" civil conversation.

The New American Media was created because the old American media has failed us. The lies & propaganda are becoming more obvious thanks to the internet.
We aim to provide in-depth investigative journalism, live on the scene and provide you with the unfiltered glimpses into the reality of this volatile world that we live in.

We're 5 years into our 10 year plan to become the world's largest media company.
It's been a "beta test" so far, but the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.
The time to grow is now. We are ready to fully fund our efforts and build a great team of people who want to tell their stories. No subject matter is off limits.

We have to have fun with humor, music, sports, etc., but the reality is that politics & spirituality are at the core of what we examine to try and make sense of this experience that we are having on planet Earth.

Join us.
Fund us.
Participate in our conversations.
Help us get correspondents in every city on the planet.
Help us grow.

In just 5 years, we've gained fans around the world, and we're just getting warmed up.
We appreciate you. We love you.

Brian Engelman
The New American Media

$5 of $3,000 per null
The team has been traveling across the U.S. to bring you footage from conventions, protests & breaking news stories for the past half-decade.

This would put a fund together to help offset the food, travel, and lodging accommodations for the next batch of events worth covering.

It's all been "out of pocket" so far.
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