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About TheNobles

Hello! We are TheNobles.
We are a tag team of two that focuses on cosplay, art, and gaming. 

We are making a Patreon to help us be able to focus solely on creating. 
We both work and go to school, so there is little time to sit down and create. With your support we will be able to do the things we love!

Current projects that going on:
- Videos and Skits 
-CodeRunners' Stories
- Writing and Drawing the comic for 2TallTales (Undertale AU)
-Animation and Art Work
-Researching Merch

Please let us know what you'd like to see more of! We will take your requests into consideration, and do the best we can to please.
We will also do our best to update you on any life events that may slow our activity.

Stay Determined, Be Yourself, and Inspire Each Other!

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Material Inspiration
We won't feel so stretched on funds and would be able to buy the materials we use.
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