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 Support me and my YouTube channel! You don't have to be a patron to get  access to anything I make on YouTube, it'll always be free. Become a  patron and give as much or as little as you like out of the kindness of  your heart AND for all the basic-level Patreon stuff. 

Thank you

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Welcome to Bink membership.. At first i want to say thank you thank you thank you!! You can see your name at the end of the video during the credit sequence

Big shout out to you guys




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Thanks for coming to this page! I am stoked that you have come to here..

I am Bink, not just bink but the official bink offcourse.. A lot of dogs and cats getting the name bink like my red cat his name is Binky. But i am the one and only with this nickname, even some of my friends don't know my real name even my girlfriend calls me by the nickname some times

I create youtube video's. Not just youtube video's but awesome content, well you decide what it is. The main goal for my content is for you guys to laugh and cheer up. There will be some cool series and shows for you supporters like:


and more

I, the official bink loves to build things, but nooooo i am not a builder for living. i am ew to everything and i hope you guys learn from the video's i make or make with friends. Also hope you guys have a lot of fun watching this and support me so i can make the channel better by using higher quality material and do much more episodes

Thank you guys and shoot out to you!!!
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I am going to build the most awesome mancave attic you have ever seen.. it will contain a bar and something with a super computer.. follow me and find out

Starting february
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