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About Theoria

Theoria was started in 2015 with the goal producing professional-quality (and content rich) videos about the Orthodox Church. To date, we have made 59 different videos which have received over three million views on Facebook and YouTube collectively. Our audience ranges from young teens to the elderly, with viewers in almost every country in the world. 

Unfortunately, creating more videos has not been financially sustainable – so production has radically slowed in the last two years:

In 2015 we produced 22 videos.
In 2016, 29 videos.
In 2017, 2 videos.
In 2018, 6 videos.
In 2019 (so far), 0.

In spite of the lack of new content, we still see a consistent stream of messages and comments on Facebook and YouTube. Many viewers share that these videos were the catalyst for their conversion (or return to the Church). Others have submitted subtitled translations of the videos, which we've published through the YouTube subtitles feature (German, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Arabic, Thai, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, Amharic, and Vietnamese so far).

The statistics and community feedback seem to indicate that our work is filling a much needed gap. Because of this, we want to create more. But we need your help.

With your financial support by becoming a Patron, we can begin producing Theoria videos again. Together, we can make a considerable difference by producing consistent, web-friendly video content with an Orthodox Christian message.


In addition to creating more videos about Orthodoxy generally, with popular Orthodox figures like Fr. Andrew Damick and others, we will create short animated pieces using academic research as a springboard for new content. 

Subjects will include:

–Gender and Sexuality According to the Orthodox Church
–An Introduction to Transhumanism for Orthodox Christians
–Biotechnology and the Human Body
–Why Are Our Youth Leaving the Church?
–Ethics in the 21st Century (various subjects)
–Job and Existentialism: Suffering and the People of God
–And more

Each of these will be multi-video series. We will write scripts and illustrate characters and graphics to animate into 1.5–2 digestible videos. 


By becoming a patron (and sharing this mission with others), you are aiding the production of educational videos for Orthodox Christians, inquirers, and Facebook and YouTube-surfers of the 21st century (YouTube, after all, is where most young people search for answers). Will you help make this possible by becoming a patron?
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