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In the past year or so as facebook has shifted into the responsibilities of not only providing a service, but being expected to moderate their service to broad standards to make everyone feel welcome, they have increasingly labeled many ancient Nordic symbols as “Against community Standards” or labeled them as hate speech.

Despite many of the symbols having a long and well meaning history with religious/spiritual purposes as well as highly academic. The culture of millions is being repressed and censored in an effort to combat the perception of white hate, often purported by people furthest from the cultures. This war on these symbols have covered everything from runes to the valknut.

So we have created The Orlog Project. The goal of The Orlog Project is to raise money to buy advertisements on the platforms suppressing the cultural symbols to teach what the symbols really are and what they represent. For each add we buy it will link off of facebook to show screenshots of the notifications of it supposedly being against the community standards as well as in-depth review of it historical significance and meanings.

The Orlog Project does not align itself with any spiritual institutions nor is funded by any, we are funded by individuals only and carry no agendas or ideologies. We equally support all persons rights to practice individual liberties as it pertains to spiritual freedom. We do not condone any spiritual practices or beliefs as it is simply none of our business what individuals believe. We only wish to educate about the symbols being lumped together in ignorance with the agendas of hate or exclusion.

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