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Hello everyone, 
I'm ThePanzafahra and I'm from Germany.
I'm now on Patreon because I'd also want to make *some* money with my creations and also, if possible, reach a larger audience.
I'm still going to school, so I do all this YouTube stuff mainly as a hobby and I spend most of my time (next to doing school stuff) with creating videos, preparing live streams and doing other things.

Why should I consider pledging/donating?

Apart from the obvious motivational part, it would also help me out greatly in my daily life. I put my free time into making these videos and I can't prioritise video editing over other daily things because obvious reasons. But if we ever get there with the help of this page, I hope that some day I would be able to change my priorities to making videos (yes, I'm saying I could maybe do Youtube as a job, but I'm really sceptic about that).
Anyway I hope to someday make a living out of what I love doing, and if Youtube/Patreon is one of those ways, then I'm not complaining.
This is a purely voluntary thing, it's for people who want to support me directly. Regardless, thank you all so much :)!

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