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About The Paper Project

The Paper Project is a multi-tiered recycling based artist collective that focuses on making art approachable through free community events and celebrating ‘cottage industry’ style production of finished art that brings joy, purpose and community support to local home-based artists. By creating safe and welcoming community events throughout Western Massachusetts and encouraging collaboration between everyone, from all walks of life and skill sets, we are able to make art happen in a prolific and approachable manner.

In 2015 after being gifted ~$6,000 worth of card stock paper from a Holyoke Printing company it was our goal to share the wealth throughout our artistic and educational community. We dispersed large portions of our project along with supplies to East Longmeadow and Springfield Schools along with our Springfield art gallery. Leaving, lending and sharing our project idea and materials our art collection grew until it could no longer be contained by our small gallery space and became a traveling event. Spending time collecting art from all ages and skills throughout Western Mass our project grew into what we were determined to be the World's Largest Coloring Book. (We even approached Guinness!) Even the simple idea of making the big book quickly grew out of control and now as it travels, we remove the finished pages to be refined by a group of fine artists to be sold at events and future shows.

Cuts made to the big book under 7" are now known as 'epic minis', similar to a blank canvas in only one way - its waiting for you to make your mark. These minis pack as much history into them as the big book, add more to their story by embellishing them with your own work, or hand them out to your own local artists friend and we can spread the artistic revolution.

 Although we do occasionally sell the work, the profits quickly go back into the project - and huge group dinners, joining our patreon allows us to pay and treat even more artists!

Now we expand and we are inviting you to participate and support Massachusetts artists - even from a distance. 

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