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This group is for the underdogs, those that may not always be able to pay for a large piece of art, but who still love seeing what I do and want to watch me continue doing that... thing... Those pledging at this level will be privy to daily and weekly sketches which will only be posted here, and will also be the recipients of my enduring thanks!
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This group is for those that would like to obtain all the benefits of the tier below, WHILE ALSO receiving 5 HQ paper prints in the mail. Those pledging at this level will be asked to provide me with a shipping address so that I may choose from my handy-dandy pile o' prints and send off 5 of them. That's a dollar a print! Add in the pay-wall breaking here at Patreon, and the bucket of thanks I'll heap on you... and you're getting one hell of a deal!
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This group is for those that would like to obtain all the benefits of the tiers below, WHILE ALSO receiving a high quality canvas print in the mail. Those pledging at this level will be asked to provide me with a shipping address, so that I can reach into my bag of canvas and pull out a print. It could be a sketch print, it could be a digital print, and if you're super lucky... you might even get a spray paint job! oh yeah, and and don't forget, you'll get all the benefits of the lower tiers as well.




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Thank you, one and all, for stopping by my little corner of Patreon.

First, a little about myself:
Curtis; or Pawn, whichever rolls off the tongue easier for you... hails from the great state of Illinois, by way of the bustling metropolis of Springfield, a town my little family came to call home following my many storied years of accreditation at Western Illinois University, and a chunk of years living in Macomb, IL.

While not having much in the way of formal training, I have been drawing and doodling my way through life since about the time I could first wrap my fat little fingers around a crayon. All through my educational years, I had a habit (good or bad, depending on who you asked…) of filling the margins of notebooks, desks, and textbooks with various doodles, sketches and epic flip-book adventures. A silent rebel streak in high school also led me to dabble in the art of graffiti, a trend which continues to today, though in a much more legal fashion.

Most nights I can be found at home with my wife, our two sons, and our crazy little dog. Using the quiet time I get in those magical hours between the kids going to bed and my own eyes slamming shut, to indulge my art bug by working on pieces for Sketch Please, painting and drawing my own creations... or just trying to find a way show the world how awesome I, and by proxy, it, is.

With your support here on Patreon, I'm hoping to accomplish a number of things-
  • First and foremost, further my art education through online, and offline sources... Although there are a number of free ways to do this, there are also a number of quality programs that I would be able to make use of with a bit of steady income. The upshot of all of this for you, the supporter? You'll be privy to a slew of sketches and finished pieces to just rub your eyeballs on, or purchase and rub on your walls.
  • Secondly, I'd like to be able to open an online shop of my very own... not only to better manage my available prints and such, but also to make sure your experience while shopping through my prints is as smooth and painless as possible. There are of course "free" ways to accomplish this, but they all come with their own caveats and micro-costs that cause me to jack up prices to a level where all that is covered, or severely limit the level of service I can bring your way. Thus, I have begun construction of my own site on the Wix platform. It's coming along nicely, and as it is right now would be a most excellent online portfolio, but I want it to be more than that and you the supporter deserve better. Just a bit steady support here will make it so that I will be able to open that site up as a marketplace and we can wave goodbye to the middle-man.
  • Finally, your support will make a huge difference in the life of my family... my wife has been, literally, more than amazing in her support of my chasing this dream. But, at the end of that day there are still many aspects of life that selling the occasional print just doesn't cover, and nothing would make me happier right now than to be able to ease her mind about our little family covering bills and all that other adulting junk. Of course, you're asking- "But pawn... how does I benefit..?" I'm glad you asked! A huge part of the aforementioned educational opportunities is having enough time to put a real work effort into them. If I can get to a point where I don't have to hustle my prints out, or otherwise spend large amounts of time on juggling financial stuffs, I can better serve you the patron and the art addiction you have come to me to feed. Win-win!

So... that's about that, I truly hope that your stopping by this page begins a long journey together for you and I. Trust me when I say, it's going to be a fun one! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continuing support!!
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At this goal, I will be able to launch my Wix site as a fully functioning store, not just a snazzy portfolio site.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts

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