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If you enjoy the vlogs and want to give back to us. Award us for the hours upon hours of behind the scenes of editing. Creating story lines out of seemingly nothing. Give back by rewarding not just me but also my wife for our time and dedication we put into our vlogs. This money won't go to waste, I always need camera equipment, drones, travel bags to protect the camera equipment. Extra batteries, gimbals etc.

To make vlogs on Youtube and create entertainment you really need a special kind of persistence, you need to have a stoic mindset, determination to consistently produce content. To reach your first 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours is the most difficult thing ever. This is what it takes to monetize and that does not translate into a lot of money yet. To get there takes hard work. 

Your contribution will help until YouTUBE becomes a sustainable income.

Thank you


We are The Penguins

Brent & Davy xoxo




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Have you ever wondered what your life would've been like had you...? Do you feel the fear...? Are you feeling like you are sinking deeper into the rat race...? We did too! ... Yes, we did what everyone else did graduate; got a job, for us as bankers and decided to resign our jobs to pursue a career abroad.  And see what's beyond our immediate horizon.

Follow us as we take our lives back from the rat race and become financially free... We are entrepreneurs and proud expats of South Africa and lastly, we decided to join the vlogging community. Join our family and watch our life story unfold exclusively.
"Feel the fear, do it anyway!" Les Brown

We are The Penguins on YouTUBE

Brent & Davene
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Earning $100 per month will help me to purchase high quality audio to make the vlogs more entertaining.
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