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About Heather L. Makar


I'm Heather, and I think 120 years is less than a tenth of the possible human lifespan. If you’re satisfied with 70 years, the last 20 of which are consumed by disease and disability, then you’re on the wrong page. If you want to live a long time, like, a REALLY long time, then welcome.

There are many facets to creating a healthy lifespan. Choosing biologically appropriate foods, moving the body regularly in the ways our frame was designed for, maintaining relationships with those we love, following work that we're passionate about, and tweaking the way our bodies work with vitamins, minerals, and other targeted compounds are the major pieces, though each person will have individual adjustments to make as well.

Many epigenetic shifts are taking place to shorten our lifespans thanks to inferior, nutrient poor foods, artificial lighting, and the assault of modern electromagnetic radiation. These are things we aren’t likely to avoid, so we have to understand their effects to counter them.

Much can be learned in a lab, and much more from personal experimentation. The picture is incomplete without bringing ancient wisdom and spiritual teachings into the arena, for wizened masters hold many keys to our growth and understanding.

My Patreon is focused on getting you the information you need in your pursuit of the kind of lifespan that you want. We’ll start with the basics and branch out into more specialized topics. Patrons have the option to request research and presentation of findings, and I'm always open to be pushed in a direction.

Join me on this quest.

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