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About Siskia Lagomarsino

Hey there! I'm Siskia, the writer behind The Polyglotist, a blog where I write about everything and anything that I consider may help others learn and love languages as much as I do! Besides English and Spanish, I speak Japanese, Italian, French and Esperanto, so I reckon I know a thing or two about this, if you catch my drift. ;)

The Polyglotist has recently branched into creating Youtube videos and a podcast in Spanish as well, AND it has several ebooks scheduled to be published this year, but (and there's always a but...) there's one itty bitty logistical problem: I'm a one woman show. It's becoming harder to write weekly blogs, make videos, edit a podcast AND work my butt off to keep this show funded.

I know, I know, I could send it all to hell and move to Costa Rica, but then who would be learning languages just for the heck of it and sharing all that sweet insider info with you? Who, pray tell, who?

This is where you come into the equation: your pledge will help fund The Polyglotist's expenses. By pledging you will be...

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  • In my heart forever. ❤️ 

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