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Hey, I'll take whatever you have.
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I get it... you want to help but things are rough.  I don't care and I am totally grateful for anything!  Do you . 
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Hey, you're a real cool person.  I can start buying supporting some of the artist I use.
What?! Get out!
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I don't know what I did to deserve this but I totally appreciate it.  Post Rock is a large genre and enabling this really lets me to dive in.
Okay, this is getting real...
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I don't know how I earned your money but, again, this all goes back into the project.
I don't know...
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I don't expect to hit this but if I do I would like to be prepared?
Stretch Goal!
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Ideally, I would love an ability to afford to pay for some non-royalty-free music.  I can't believe this is happening, thank you so much. 




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About the post rock bible

I’m not a person that can easily maintain my attention on a singular item and, unfortunately, that means struggling through earlier parts of the Bible. I’ve always thought that it would be great if someone had the Bible accompanied with good music. I looked and what I found was a pile of videos with generic looped music. So, looking to solve my own issue, I decided to start this project. I scoured the internet for some of the best, royalty-free post rock music and combined it with one of the closest to the original text translations to the Bible. I find post rock, as a genre, has a unique ability to add a level of epicness to any choice of spoken word. That mixed with the open sourced version of the bible (World English Bible), I think I’ve found something that will not only satisfy my needs but also add something unique to the internets.
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I can quit my job and go all in.  This is a dream goal and I realize it does have a end of life but I would appreciate it all the same.  If i make more than this, all the money would go into getting liscensing or at least trying to compensate some of the musicians I've used.
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