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I have always wondered how the things around me work.
When I was a small kid you could often find me taking apart old appliances to see what was inside. My main tools where screwdrivers and a hammer so most of these things would never go back together.
A couple of years later during my studies as an engineer, they wanted me to learn everything from a book. I quickly figured out that that is not the way for me. That’s when I started building things again. How can you design something if you have no idea on how to really make it. You cannot learn walking from a book so why would you be able to learn making from a book? The best way to learn is to try, fail, try again and eventually succeed.
So I’d say: Dare to experiment and have fun creating.

Designing and making machines with cool mechanics quickly became one of my biggest passions. Building something that does a thing just has something to it. Building something that automates or simplifies a simple task in a fun way, that is just plain awesome!
The best part is that every project provides me with new challenges so every project is a matter of experimentation, learning new skills and trying new stuff.

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