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is creating writing, comics, cooking, recipes, and videos!
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You'll receive the script for the next Retail Hell a week early, and get a shout-out on all my YouTube videos. You also get a sneak preview for the next YouTube video a week before anyone sees the content. Your input will help me decide which videos to make next!

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About The Practical Escapist

The Practical Escapist is:

optimistic exploration: travel, retreats, and supporting local wherever those travels lead.

vegetarian and vegan cooking: live on Twitch and YouTube, with recipes available for free (and ad-free) on the blog.

escapism through nature: finding the beauty of nature everywhere, and photoblogging those experiences.

blogging and writing: fictionblogspoetrycomics.

transcending the mundane on the daily.
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At $100/month, I will create and release a Saint Suddsly's Purveyor of Fine Soaps employee handbook PDF file, and start doing a monthly request line drawing for all Patrons.
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