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About Patrick Sutherland

Hi, my name is Patrick and I'm the founder of
The Preaching Consultant exists to develop your preaching skills through one-on-one consultation.
The website is both a platform from which to promote and schedule consultations and to encourage preachers by developing meaningful content to help preachers grow.

Why have a preaching consultant?

The short answer is that I believe everyone who preaches needs encouragement and support.
The long answer is that preaching is a lonely task. Every week pastors across the world sit down to write a sermon. They pour their hearts and souls into the work. They study, reflect, and plan to create a message that will hopefully make a difference to the people who listen.
All too often our preaching happens in a vacuum. We may hear good things as people shuffle out of church. We definitely hear from people who didn't like the sermon all that much. But do we ever get meaningful feedback on our preaching?
We could all benefit from having someone in our lives who will listen and reflect on our preaching. We need people to give us encouragement. We need people to challenge us. As a preaching consultant I am ready to be a voice of support for you.

How can consultation help your preaching?

Consultation isn't a magic formula that will instantly fix whatever challenges you may be facing. Instead, consultation is an opportunity for you to receive unbiased feedback from a trusted support.
Together, we will work to identify the areas of your strength and the areas where you could improve. We can work on existing sermons or develop material for an upcoming Sunday.
Beyond consultation, on this site you will find a number of articles I hope you will find helpful as you serve. It is my hope that these articles will be informative and encouraging for you on your journey.

What makes me a preaching consultant?

Let's be honest, anyone with access to the computer and the internet can make a website and call themselves a preaching consultant. What exactly qualifies me to talk to anyone about preaching?
First, I have spent the last six years studying preaching while I worked on my PhD. My research tracks the development of contemporary models of preaching.
Second, I have a wide range of preaching experiences from my pastoral experiences in the local church to my earliest preaching days at youth camps and retreats.
Third, and most important, I want to support you. I know what it feels like to struggle to make a message that people will appreciate. I have tasted the bitterness of messages falling flat and the joy of hearing what God has done through the preaching of his word. I want nothing more than to help you overcome your challenges and celebrate your successes. I believe I can help you.