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We've started a Patreon account and we want to tell you why:

Who we are 

We are Chantel C (CC) and Denise. We are both originally from the US, but we met when were both living in Berlin, Germany. Denise is now based in Vienna/Austria and CC is based in London/UK. We have known each other for several years but have shared enough to fill a lifetime.  

We are both self-employed and spend the entire day growing our business and running projects. Alongside professional work to keep us financially afloat, we organize many initiatives that all share the mission to contribute positively to the communities in which we live. 

Our podcast on pop culture and politics, the queer truth (tqt), is a shared project. We launched in November 2015 after thinking about and planning it for several months. The feedback we have received has been overwhelmingly positive. After approximately nine months of podcasting, a couple of things have become clear to us: 

1) We want tqt to last for years to come. Recording every Friday is such a highlight of every week. We have committed fans and continue to be discovered by both listeners and other podcasters. There are currently under 10 podcasts dedicated to queer themes, and we are the only podcast with a distinctly intersectional approach. 

2) We need to find a way to be compensated for the time that we spend preparing, recording and editing the podcast as well as the additional overhead costs. We want to grow our professionalism, our audience, our ability to have guests and generally our reach.  

As we do not want our words or themes to be censored, we would like to refrain from using ads on our podcast. We want to maintain the freedom to speak freely, openly, and in good conscience about the issues with which so many people are confronted everyday. Not only that, we don't want to lose our free- and light-spirited approach to very serious issues.

Patreon makes it easy to donate whatever you want per month and the donation is recurring each month after that. So no matter what amount you are able to contribute, we will accept your donation with the greatest gratitude.

How We'll Use the Money

Our initial goal is $3,000/month. Our costs are put together as follows:

  • Social media advertising: Twitter and Facebook ads are pricey, but we like to use them from time to time, when we are especially happy with a podcast and want to spread the word.
  • Web hosting and planned development: There are monthly costs for the website, and these will grow as our storage will need to grow to store all of our podcasts.
  • My time: I, CC, produce, record and edit every podcast. I also manage about 95% of the social media work. If I could be paid for my time, then I could up my game and produce even higher quality content.
  • One intern: We had an intern working with us by supporting us with our social media work. As it is important to us to pay anyone who works with us, we need to use donations to cover these costs. 

That's pretty much everything in a nutshell. Thank you for reading until the end, and we appreciate any and all support.

We will update with a video soon!

~ CC
$3 of $3,000 per month
With this goal, we could:

  • Make the website more user friendly
  • Get CC a professional microphone (Denise already has one!)
  • Compensate CC for her time in producing, recording & editing the podcast
  • Compensate Denise for her time in recording the podcast
  • Hire an intern to support us on social media 
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