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About Blair Thornburgh

Hello writers!

Welcome to the Patreon for The Query Show, which is exactly what it sounds like: a podcast about query letters. 

Why become a patron?
Well, besides then being THE COOLEST, you get a ton of bonus stuff and benefits that can help you boost your writing career. You get first dibs on getting your queries on the show, and you get access to exclusive discussions about publishing and authorship as a lifelong career. More specifically, you can get...

  • A query workbook! Heck yes. All patrons get a copy, like Oprah with the cars. The workbook is designed to help pinpoint all the elements that make your query unique and map it to a blueprint for describing why your book rocks.
  • Written critiques of all the queries! You'll get PDFs of each query featured on the show, along with my notes, for easy readin'. ($3 patrons and above.)
  • Publishing pro episodes! Exclusive patron-only episodes featuring interviews with your fave agents, editors, and writers about the submission process, how to get acquired, how to build a long-lasting publishing career, and first pages critiques. ($8 patrons and above).
  • Super exclusive Q&A sessions! For the true besties of the show, you'll get an invite to a monthly Google Hangout where you can ask any questions you have about querying, publishing, or medieval history (jk) (not really). This is a great chance to get some super-specific feedback on a particular situation, especially of the stickier variety (e.g., requerying, nudging, multiple submissions) or just hobnob with your fellow writers! ($20 patrons and above).
But maybe the greatest thing you can get (corniness alert) is knowing that you're making this show possible. You're helping cover the out-of-pocket costs for hosting, equipment, research, and—since I believe in compensating people for their work—giving expert guests stipends for their time on the show.

It's a small commitment, but it makes a big difference (and it's way less than a writing conference). You're the best. Thanks for being great. Query on!
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When the show reaches $150 per month, I'll be able to cover the costs of web hosting and audio hosting, so the episodes can be free and easy to access for everyone!
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