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You keep me alive! This is just an option for anyone who would like to show support and aren't expecting something in return. You are very much appreciated! You'll be added to the list of names who showed their selfless love! ♥ Thank You!
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-I must have at least 5 Squirrel Mob members to do the raffle drawings. If there are under 5 members at the end of the month, you can keep your raffle tickets. If you don't win, don't worry, you keep your raffle tickets! ♥-




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About TheRebelSquirrel

 If you are sensitive to factual information, common sense, logical thinking and FREE SPEECH, I highly advise that you visit this website ( Buzzfeed ) instead of viewing my content. You can get your daily dose of propaganda and misinformation from their website. My content is satirical in nature. You have been warned.
You're welcome!