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Welcome, one and all, to my Patreon page! I go by The Red Writer, though you can call me Red if you please, and I am the sole author and editor of the web serializations "The Author of Eternity" and "The Wolven Blade and the Bells." 

The names may be a bit odd, but trust me- The stories are well worth your time, and if nothing else are good for wasting an afternoon with.

My naming sense aside, I am an avid reader and writer of fantasy series, old and new. It was from this love that my writing habit (Read: addiction) began. I quickly found that I enjoyed building worlds and filling them with interesting characters just as much as I enjoyed reading about them, and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, neither reading nor writing do much to put food on the table or keep the lights on, meaning I have to devote an unacceptably large amount of my time towards all those pesky things like jobs and survival. Additionally, the pages of my story are positively barren without any art to adorn them, and editing and revising all by my lonesome can take quite the chunk of time.

However, all these woes can be solved with just a little generosity on your part- With even just a bit of supplementary income, I could afford to hire an artist, an editor, or even devote the majority of my time to my writing as opposed to being a productive member of society.

It is with these thoughts in mind that I am asking for your support, readers of mine. I honestly love writing, and I do really want to do more, but there's only so much time in a day. I currently lack the ability to provide any of the quality improvements I mentioned before- From faster updates to better editing, art and a personal website, and for everything in between such ambitions, your support is desperately needed. That is why I am asking you to consider joining me on this little journey of mine.

Of course, I don't expect my wonderful readers to do this for nothing. No, by becoming a patron of my efforts you will find yourself rewarded as best I know how- With more writing, shorter waits, more input, better quality content, and hopefully some special artwork. For more details, take a glance to your right.

Thank you all for your support, your time, and perhaps even your generosity. Regardless, I hope you continue to find stories that transport you to fantastical worlds beyond your own- Whichever world that may be.

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At this amount, I'll be able to upgrade my own personal website, where I will begin hosting my story alongside its current location. Should we reach this goal, I'll also begin writing more frequently, as I can spend less time working.
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