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I'm Theresia Reinhold - a documentary filmmaker with all my heart and soul, and I can absolutely not imagine doing anything else. Oh, well, yes I can: Reporting on injustices.
When I started to work on Information. What are they looking at? in 2015, it was supposed to be a 5-10 minute video explaining what privacy is. But over time, it exploded into this big, ambitious and beautiful project!

Now, I am thrilled you found your way on my Patreon page and take an interest in becoming a follower and supporter.

"Information. What are they looking at?" is a documentary exploring the ideological fight of 'freedom vs. security'.

I explore the societal effects of privacy violations by companies and governments from a global perspective. The relevance of this topic lies within the historical dynamics of marginalization – slavery, racism, and intersectional discrimination – and the development of modern digital technologies. As the current state of privacy violations stands in a long historical line of supremacy and global power dynamics, we focus on this history. Hence, we want to help people with little or no prior knowledge to understand the ways in which digital technologies can be used to threaten our human rights - and to help them find ways to opt-out of and fight this system.

Pledges will be used to start paying for immediate expenses related to this project and help by other professionals. There is a heckload I plan on doing with this project, but first, we have to get it all online - and that will be possible with your amazing support! :D

I want to thank the people who have already supported me - you are awesome! I will continue to work on this either way, but you can make it happen a lot faster - and get some cool rewards on the way :D

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*GASP* this makes me a tat speechless! You are amazing! Now it gets really fun for you ;)

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UN-BE-LIEVABLE! If you really think about going for this, I hope the rewards are helping with the decision :D

You get all of the previous rewards PLUS

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