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About The Ripple Effect Comic

"Sometimes the right thing to do feels so wrong.
Connor's life was firmly in his control until he was faced with the ultimate choice.
Will he accept his fate or rise up and change history forever?
He will need to question his ethics and realign his moral compass for the good of all humankind
If he fails, it's not just his life on the line."
Thanks for visiting! 

The Ripple Effect is a comic series created by JOHN BRINKLEY and TOM GRIFFITHS which follows the life and adventures of Connor Cutler. Issue #1 is out now!

Storytelling is our passion and we'd love to continue sharing Connor's story with you. We have so much already written but need the time to put the script together into more issues. If you join us on this journey you'll see at least 10 issues for part 1 (of 4) of this epic tale. 

Questions and Answers
How do I get my rewards?
On our page there are featured tags on the left that you can use to navigate to your particular tier. 

Where is my money going?
Your pledge will help us fund printing costs initially. We will be looking at attending conventions, doing extra prints (such as separate artworks) and, eventually, make this our full-time job so we can make more content more often.

Have any further questions or comments? Drop a comment in the community section or message us on social media below - we love interacting with people and look forward to what you have to say!

Twitter: @TRE_Comic
Facebook: @therippleeffect.comic
Instagram: @therippleeffect.comic
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At $250, we'll set up our own table at a local comic-con with comics and prints. We'll also have special "thank you" gifts for our patrons!
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