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I will share any statement you want me to, within reason, on my Twitter account, and give you a shoutout for supporting my project. If you want me to share your favourite charity, tell a boy that you like him, or even yell at a politician - if I think it's not going too far, I will tweet it.
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Every $6 pledge I receive will net you a one-time poem about any topic (within reason). Send me a message (somehow?) about what you want it to be about, and we'll talk about it more until you have a poem in your email inbox!
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For as little as $10, you can even get a chance to peek behind the curtain of this project. That means patrons at this tier will get to see 'episodes' of the series before everyone else, as well as exclusive video content about these stories. I'm incredibly eager about this part - a chance to actually let you all into the stories as they're being created. 




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About Brandon O'Brien

Hello! My name's Brandon O'Brien. I'm a performance poet, speculative fiction writer, fledgling tabletop roleplaying game designer and teaching artist based in Trinidad and Tobago. I'm a full-time artist with The 2 Cents Movement, and the poetry editor of the World Fantasy Award winning FIYAH: A Magazine of Black Speculative Fiction.

When I started considering Patreon, I was primarily looking for a catalyst to keep driving me toward making serial fiction, which is one of my deepest interests. Since then, I have undertaken a lot of work, all of which I love and don't want to leave out of view. I've begun a serial novel for Broken Eye Books entitled How To Unmake It In Anglia, which is nearing its conclusion; I'm working on my own tabletop RPG, Soundclash, an adventure in a world where music holds magical power and conflicts are resolved in energetic battles of the bands; my performance poetry work has opened opportunities for me to perform all over my country, and my speculative fiction has done the same for my visibility beyond its shores.

I want to be able to let you all in on the quiet, not-at-all-flashy moments of building and process behind that work, and I want to be able to sustain that work in those quiet moments so that I can make more and do so better for you all.

That's where this Patreon comes in.

Your patronage will help keep my poetry, prose, design, workshop facilitation and review work going, allow me to pay both creative and personal upkeep costs, and potentially branch out into collaborating and paying other creators on wider projects. More importantly, you get the opportunity to be a part of that process in a real tangible way, to be the first to comment and shape it--having benefactors aren't always simply about being able to eat, but making sure that the work is at its absolute best and most responsible, and just like you're placing your trust in me to commit to my creation, I am placing trust in you to be a stakeholder in the work's ultimate goals of being radical, progressive, challenging, weird, and ultimately moving.

If you want to support me in that attempt, please be willing to give a little to keep the project alive and even help it grow into something bigger as time goes by. But also be willing to share your attention most of all - what the project will want more than anything is for you all to read it, comment, like, and share, so more people can see what it's all about.

$172 of $650 per month
At this rate, I can feasibly consider increasing my output on Patreon for patrons' benefit without having to worry too much about my wallet. Whenever I meet this goal, output of poetry, short fiction, and design snippets can close to double without hassle, and it also allows me to take better care of myself mentally and physically throughout the process. 
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