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When the three of us got together, it was with a shared passion for the Braves, the Braves farm system, and Braves prospects. We wanted to share that passion with others and honestly we thought that maybe a few folks would listen, but it would be a good time nonetheless. To say that the results have exceeded our expectations is a gross understatement.

The Road to Atlanta is a weekly podcast devoted solely to the Braves farm system and Braves prospects hosted by the Talking Chop MiLB crew. We have in-depth conversations often with guests about prospects, scouting, player development, and the related news therein. Sometimes Garrett's phone goes off, sometimes Gaurav gets food poisoning, and Eric often says "right on" too much, too. We do this to spread the excitement about all of the future Braves in the pipeline, increase the level of dialogue about prospects and the minor leagues, and we occasionally get some things right.

However, in order to reach our goals and continue to do this well, we need your help. As it turns out, running and producing a podcast and website well is not free. All three of us have day jobs, but if we told you the sheer number of hours we have put into this so is unlikely you would believe us. From registration fees to tech stuff to service subscriptions, not only is there a cost in time but in actual dollars and cents. Our goal with this Patreon account is to just give all of you who have read and listened to our content the chance to keep doing what you have always us in this endeavour and allow us to continue to improve the quality and breadth of our coverage. No, we will never put anything behind a paywall or charge for content...that just isn't us. However, we would be eternally grateful if you are willing and able to help us out and allow us to realize this dream of ours. 

If you are not sold yet or are not familiar with our work, subscribe to the podcast on iTunes under the Talking Chop feed.. We have tons of great content for you to peruse there and elsewhere. If you can't, no worries! We still love you anyways...just keep listening and reading. We hope you will consider supporting us and thanks again to everyone who has made this a hell of a ride. Until next time, we'll see you on the road...
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