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The Roleplay Haven will be a haven for all roleplayers, new and old, no matter their experience. It will have a list of special features, including:

- The Students Lounge. This will be a place where students from all over can come together, for anything and everything from revision advice to sharing hilarious teacher tales.

- V.I.P Sandboxes. A 'Sandbox', in this case, is a particular universe in which multiple roleplays take place. The events of one roleplay could possibly affect the events in current or future roleplays. These V.I.P Sandboxes will be run by one (or several) user, who acts as the moderator for all events in the universe.

Well, that's actually it for the moment. A future feature, when it becomes possible to add, is password-protected areas or sandboxes; areas which can only be accessed by users with the password. This will allow for slight more leniency with particular rules, and, well... No need to get into all of those details for now.

I really hope for this to become a widely used forums, maybe even nearly as big as ones like RPNation. 
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