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With this perk you will be credited in the Smash Endgame -Finale- Credits Sequence, and all videos leading up to its release! 

You will be a big part of the reason I will be able to dedicate a ton more of time to the video and get it out quicker, and you deserve to be acknowledged for that!





Greetings! I am TheRyanSpark, and you may know me for making Marvel Trailer Re-Creations using Super Smash Brothers characters on Youtube!

The Smash Infinity War Re-Creation Trailers unexpectedly blew up on my channel, and ever since I've found myself making more and more Smash content, which was never the plan, but a very happy accident.

However, now I am undergoing my most ambitious and biggest project to date, Smash Brothers Endgame -Finale-! This is very a very big animation project that will be over 30 minutes long and provide a piece of closure for the Smash Brother/Marvel series. 

But animation/Youtube isn't my job, and that means animations take longer to come out than I would much rather them to. That's why this Patreon page is dedicated to anyone who wants to support Endgame -Finale- in order for it to be made quicker. It sounds sketchy to say that with some extra money in my pocket the video will get made faster, but in all honesty, it will. Being able to sit here and make the video without having to worry about how much money I make at the end of each month will allow me to make this amazing finale in a more comfortable state and in turn with equal to a much more polished and incredible product, that I can assure.  

There is only one tier for this Patreon, and that is a $1 perk. Supporting this perk will mean your name will appear in the Endgame - Finale- Credits Sequence under 'Endgame -Finale- Contributors'. You’ll also receive weekly updates on Endgame -Finale- as well as other projects I’m working inbetween working on this. But the more backers the project has, the more common updates will be since I’ll be able to dedicate more time to the project.

I really want to give back to you guys for supporting this project, and letting the world YOU played a part in this finale is something you deserve. Of course you don’t have to pledge to this Patreon if you do not want to, or aren’t comfortable to. If you’re a viewer of my videos, please know that you watching is more than I could ask for.

Thank you for reading, and if you pledge, thank you for contributing, and if you don’t, then thank you for watching!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts

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