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If you support the movement in art•healing•anything dance but don't necessarily feel the need to participate in tutorials, please feel free to show some love appreciation towards my material <3

You inspire me to create more! 


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In this tier, you'll have access to creative and easy to learn Coyography combinations and full length Movement Yoga classes with the freedom to take in, explore, and incorporate into your own personal practice or vinyasa flow. It is my intention to provide Reiki healing and Chakra Balancing through my shared movement. 

•MVMNT Yoga practices help us to better connect with the road map or internal Body Compass that is uniquely ours. We are constantly getting to know our body. In these videos I will help you tap in to what the body has to say with stretching and strengthening through intuitive sequencing. Flow freely, flow openly and boost your day. Join me for up to 45-60 minutes of a soulful and primal blend of body mudras, auric activation, dynamic yoga, and dance fusion. This movement offering is a great calorie burn as we bring our attention to stuck energy and move where our body compass tells us. Classes are a variety of mellow slow flows, to high intensity with strong energetic bursts. I'll specify and provide access to all my playlists.

•Coyography is a mixed movement methodology creatively infused with dance and yoga dynamics whether we're on or off the mat. These videos include warm ups, short sequences, and in depth choreography.

MVMNT Rituals
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In this Tier, you will receive weekly guided Movement Rituals and the tools I share for Chakra cleansing and balancing methods.

• Full moon/ New Moon flows

• Oracle Card readings

• Chakra clearing methods and long distance Reiki energy healing provided by me through movement




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Hi it's Em. I'm a mixed mover and open art channel.
My life's work brings my classical side into the creative and healing parts of me to provide these movement offerings for you <3 As a long time dancer, and now Yoga practitioner + healing artist, I'm here to help guide you through energy work, connecting you with the movement channel that brings you to your highest self.

in 2013 I felt the call to study Reiki. I didn't even know what that was but I knew this tool of energy work would bring me to a better understanding of self. At that time I was dancing for the NBA already 2 seasons in, and had been teaching Barre classes almost daily. All the energy or expected energy from so many eyes on me dancing center court, really opened up something for me. I can still remember the rush. At this point age 25 and with a cheerleader image, I loved how I looked but it didn't feel like me. The truth is, I came to realize this being yet another growing costume, or layer (of makeup), of some energetic experience that I had shared in human connection - just like I always had been, all those years growing up on the stage.
Performance, or what I learned to know of as also an "energy share" was my entire life. 
So teaching barre classes on top of all of this was really gave me the balance I needed! From 18,000 people to say 18, I could feel myself in this space and barre always brought me back to my first love, Ballet. It was in that studio I would have my own solo performance time after class and Yoga introduced itself to me in the form of emotional movement. I was trying to "teach myself" Yoga and I could only dance through it to the music.
Then here comes where the Reiki plays back into my part. It came to me during this time and in my first training with Tim Stanek that I couldn't just get my RYTT to add another certification to my list. Oh no, this was going to be big and more than just for the clients, this was personal for me. And I was learning and processing and healing through so much then. After understanding more of this calling, I attended my 200 RYT month long immersion training in 2017 where I live today, in Asheville NC. 

Our body holds a variety or stories, healing information, and even unprocessed blockages that we haven't always tapped into. It is my hope that any practice or offering from me helps you connect to your highest self, to help you better understand your bodys needs and your story today. By cleansing and connecting with the Chakras or energy fields held within us, we can allow ourselves to be in the dance of our own heart space.
I made this Patreon so together we can tune into our inner body compass and turn the dial where attention needs to go. Thank you for listening to my so far journey. Now let's move

One love, 
~⦯η 𝓘𝔫𝓉𝕌𝐢ⓣiᴠ𝒆 𝔟Ỗ𝚍ʸ ❨⟴♏︎ᑭΔ𝕊𝐬

Connect with me on IG and check out my van life travels !
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If I gain at least 8 Patrons, then I would like to provide more offerings through my movement energy channeling. The funds from donations and class payments will go towards useful equipment such as a headset to provide better quality with sound, and art supplies so I can continue to create during my travels

My goals I wish to share with you are:
• Monthly MVMNT challenges

• Live MVMNT Yoga and Barre classes

• More intuitive movement art channeled paintings on canvas 

• Weekly and individual Oracle and Animal card readings
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