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About The Scarlet Tongue Project

The Scarlet Tongue Project is both media and movement, whose mission it is to explore the social taboo of anger as it is expressed by women through art.  It is through art that we can imagine all possibilities, shift our realities, and challenge the status quo.  Art provides a channel for us to express emotions that may otherwise feel too scary or unsafe to expose in a normal setting.  To see other women who are sharing their messages through this format, women who are redefining gender in today's society, these ideas become more accessible.  Within each story, we will learn how access to a full range of emotion inspires positive change within the artists themselves and their communities.

We are currently embarking on the full-length international film, which will be used as both an educational tool and means for community building as we grow our organization.  We are seeking help with funding so that we can visit our artists in their cities and towns, spend time filming and connecting, create global networks, and engage with the local communities we visit, be that through hosting relevant events, discussions, and/or providing any resources or miscellaneous tasks as informed and requested by women and girls in those areas.
Though the core of the project is based in the U.S. and will explore many different cultures therein, our artists' stories will additionally require travel to the following countries:

And that's not even all! Due to the absolutely impossible task of featuring every woman and every story in 90 minutes, after the completion of this film we plan to release short webisodes to stay connected to our work and audiences, and continuously introduce new artists we meet and love.

Please take a few minutes to view our footage sample video to learn what we're about. Naturally, through experience and education, our mission continues to grow and adjust to stay current, so please don't hesitate to email us with any questions!  We are already well into production for the feature film, and we look forward to taking it to the  next level by going deeper into our artists' stories, expanding our network, and bringing you more stories of courageous, brilliant, creative women from all over the world!  Donations are by creation, and we will be posting these exciting video updates as we collect our footage.  Thank you for considering us!
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