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I'm thrilled that you want to support us! We thank you with everything that we are <3
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We currently don't get to travel very much, but would love to take the kids on some amazing adventures! Each pledge in this tier will go into a Trip Savings! I will post the trips in our goals, and will post photos and a video as well!
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Something I always thought would be amazing are STEM subscription boxes! However, paying a subscription for four children each month is not a small task! If you help take these on, I will learn to make videos of them interacting with these amazing boxes each month! In total, this would end up being four videos a month of them learning something brand new. 
We will also send  you a Kid Made Thank-You card! 



About These Howard 6

Hello! Welcome! I'm Ash, Mama to the four little ones you see on this page! I've had people tell me I should make content about our little big family, so I thought I'd give it a try. We are geeky and outdoorsy. I love photography and my kids are great sports. I really know nothing about making videos, but hope that one day I can figure it out. 

My goals here: Currently I'm stepping into this a little bit blind of how to make amazing content and to provide you with things you will love. I hope to make content about our family that you will love and enjoy. I hope to bring you real life, which unfortunately isn't all sunshine and rainbows but is also sometimes filled with terror (like when your baby girl has a breath holding spell and you've never heard of such a thing), sadness (like when you have to put your beloved kitty down), and even anger (like when you thought you were going to get to play video games when you got home, but it's bedtime so no such luck). 

My ultimate financial goals for being on Patreon are these: 1) Treat the kids to some amazing adventures and foods   2) Help us get out of debt (medical and student)    3) Save money for the kids to have a secure future (towards a house, towards school, towards savings) 

I hope you enjoy our journey as a family <3 I can't wait for you to watch us grow!
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First Goal!
First Trip: Camping! We would love to take the children camping! This covers the campsite cost for a weekend at the lake and food for our family of six! 
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