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 There Are Only Three Systems You Really Need for a 6-Figure Business

To hear some entrepreneurs talk, achieving that mythical “6-figure business” level is an exercise in frustration and futility. These are the people working 80-hour weeks, struggling with less-than-ideal clients, and quickly losing their energy & motivation.

I talk to a LOT of business owners, and I often hear things like:

“If only I could find the right clients…”

“If only my team was as passionate & productive as I am…”

“If only I could create products or scale this business…”

“If only business was fun again…”

And the truth is, those “if onlys” would make all the difference in their business, if only they knew how to achieve them.

The fact is, though, you can find the right clients, keep them happily engaged with you for months or years, and even dramatically reduce the number of hours that you work – all WITHOUT lowering your profit. 

There really is a simple, proven system that works to fill the funnel, stabilize cash flow and keep YOU happy and feeling good! 

This group is designed to collaborate with you to create and master the only three systems required for a 6 figure business and to have fun doing it. It is also designed to empower you to heal the divide between logic and intuition, between business and spirituality, between taking huge action with no results and taking no action at all.  

Here are the elements of the systems we’ll work with: 

Sensual Power * Authentic Expression Systems

Your Blog

Social Media Accounts

Free Webinars

Public Speaking

Publish a Book


Embody Grace * Relationship Abundance Systems

Email Marketing

In-Person Networking

Event Marketing

Expansive Visionary * Selling without Selling Your Soul Systems

Your Sales Funnels

Free Consults

Special Offers

Shopping Carts and Product Delivery Customer Support

Monthly Member Benefits

Business Building Challenge: 

You’ll participate in a monthly 3 to 5 day challenge – the best way get stuff done (GSD) is to take small bites. I will record a video each day of the challenge showing you a new technology tool, or a new business technique. 

Pleasure Challenge: 

You’ll participate in a monthly 3 to 5 day challenge related to your energy, your body, sensuality and love. I’ll record a video each day of the challenge to help you stay accountable. 

Monthly Intention Circle: 

Once a month we connect in a virtual circle to hold intentions and create as a group. 

Remember, there are three steps: 

Discover. Before your first client can pay you, you need to know who you are, what you’re about and embrace your sensual and expansive self. And your client has to be able to find you!  Authentic Expression Systems  can happen in a dozen different ways, so it’s just a matter of choosing the best method for you and your ideal client. 

Build a Relationship. Once she’s found you, your future client is unlikely to hire you on first sight. That would be a bit like getting married on the first date. It’s possible, but it rarely goes well or lasts long. Relationship Abundance requires us to have many different ways to create real relationships. To have a successful marriage, you first have to build a relationship. The same is true in business. 

Make the Sale. Expansive Visionary Systems support the final piece of the 6-figure puzzle: make the sale.  It is not all about just one sale, but expanding your work and vision to a bigger and bigger audience. This can happen in a variety of ways, and an ideal sales funnel contains them all, working together seamlessly to present the right offer at the right time, and seal the deal. 




What is the real purpose of business? How can we create a business that serves others, supports us financially and allows for spiritual expansion? And oh, by the way is really fun and feels really, really good? It begins with understanding the connection between love, sex, money and power in business.

How you are with sex is mirrored in your relationship with money. Sex and money are the two most powerful places of transformation. Saying yes to sensuality and feeling good is saying yes to abundance.

This community is all about the practical ways to create a life and business that is super profitable and super pleasurable. About embodying leadership and power in a balanced and thoughtful way, creating impact and experience. And about tending to the inevitable weeds that appear when growing anything.  The trick is how do we stand as feminine leaders, create impactful and profitable businesses in a shifting world and NOT do it in the same old masculine way?

It’s a whole new way to succeed.

  • Living from your highest destiny
  • Enjoying the sensual side of life
  • Embracing pleasure
  • Embodying your feminine leadership with mindfulness
  • Wielding influence with grace
  • Mastering yourself and your circumstances
  • Stepping through fear
  • Manifesting in a powerful and feminine way

Embracing Leadership, Claiming Your Sensual Nature and Creating Systems to Support Your Success Will Be THE MOST IMPACTFUL ACTIONS YOU TAKE in 2019.

Love what you do, say yes to sensuality: business grows and money flows. There really is a simple, proven system that works to fill the funnel, stabilize cash flow and keep YOU happy and feeling good! 
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Goals can be about an actual number, or about an experience or maybe both.  It is important to me that members of the group are engaged and feeling supported.  When we reach 47 members of 6 Figure Pleasure, Peace & Profit I will start a special podcast to interview one member a week.  I will promote these interviews through my social media channels.
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