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About JSB

For about 8 years now, I've been creating comics through my own indie label The Simon Corporation and more recently two of my books, IT LOOKS BACK and NOWHERE have been picked up by Caliber Comics. If you've ever attended a comic convention in the Midwest or East Coast, there's a good chance you've stumbled upon my table in artist alley. 

I'm creating this Patreon as a means to continue that conversation that usually starts at a comic con table - to keep in touch with my readers and keep them updated on my various projects.

For your patronage, you'll get access to regular blog updates and the occasional sneak-peek at pages in progress (spoiler free). Those who choose to pledge a little more will get early-access to webcomics, a new print every month you'll get to watch me create via livestream and access to my library of comics and prints. I've even got a few monthly commission spots available. Check out the rewards tiers for more detailed descriptions. 

I love making comics, I love creating stories, and this Patreon can be a means to be rid of other things that get in the way of me making comics (like my day job) and for you to see those comics and other weird projects come to life in real time. 
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Once we hit 25 patrons, I'll start doing monthly 4x6 mini-prints that will go out to everyone at the $5 tier or higher. 
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