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Welcome to The Skeptic Feminist! <3

See Our Stances On...

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Western Intervention:

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The Skeptic Feminist are all you need to teach atheists about Feminism or feminists about Atheism. Lambasting Religion and Misogyny, for the two are inexorably tied, while Standing Against Woman-Hating Gods and the Sexists Who Invent Them.

We make videos about Atheism and Feminism, because religion and misogyny are inexorably tied.
In particular the patriarchal monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Our stance is that Feminists who fail to criticize ALL of the world's woman-hating religions have failed in their missions to uplift half of humanity and enlighten the other.

Our stance is that Atheists who have abandoned the god idea but kept the religious cultures of misogyny alive are failing to live up to the humanist values that they should strive for.

Our content speaks to these issues, replies to people who fail to see the truth of these things, and promotes the multitude of prominent Atheists who tackle Feminist issues.

On Youtube we do Feminist and Atheist Advocacy.
In the real world we do Feminist and Atheist Activism. We teach military-grade self-defense as part of our feminism and fight the over-reach of the religious as the leads of our respective local atheist chapters.
You can find our self-defense video on the channel but not the atheist activism since that video footage is exclusively local news and as such would give away too much about our exact location.

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We will invest in actual video equipment so as to dismantle the patriarchal theocracy in STYLE!
Also so that you may marvel at our lovely little faces in 1080p
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