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About Heinz Abegglen

The Sky Tonight Astronomy Online Almanac will allow you to get a well sorted overview of the objects that you are able to observe tonight. You will have your own profile that allows you to set your location and customize the output to your needs.

The Sky Tonight Astronomy Podcast will bring you a regular overview of the views and events on the nightsky. The planets, asteroids, meteor showers, deep sky objects, lunar phenomena and more will be discussed, always taking into account which objects are currently observable. Interviews with telescope owners like you and me will be one of the most interesting segements of the podcast. The goal is to do a daily broadcast, but that depends on the Patreaon goals reached.

About Me
Hi my name is Heinz. I'm an Astronomer and Software Engineer. And my goal is to create the first ever comprehensive daily Astronomy forecast for backyard observers.

It all started, when I was a kid. My grandma showed me the nightsky. I couldn't afford a telescope, but I could calculate the planet's positions with my pocket calculator. It felt great.
That experience lead me to computer programming, and eventually, I became a Software Engineer. Now I could do even more calculations.

I have a job, and I have a family. There's only limited time to spend outside, watching the nightsky. And more often than not, I was ready to observe, but was completely unprepared.
I always wanted a simple, yet comprehensive overview of the objects that can be observed and of the celestial events in that night.

The Challenge
Have you ever wondered, what's going on in the sky tonight? We are used to use weather forecasts, traffic forecasts, flight and bus schedules. But what about the night sky?
What's that bright object in the evening sky? What's the current phase of Venus? Is Mars visible at all? When does Jupiter rise? How about the great red spot, the Jovian moons?
Are there any comets in reach of small telescopes? Is there an active meteor shower and when is its maximum? I mean, tonight?

Yes, there are yearly almanacs, online databases and astronomy magazines that pick a few higlights and list them. And of course there's software and apps that provide us with even more data. So having all these great resources, knowing what's in the sky tonight should be easy, right? No it's not. Unfortunately that information is spread all over the place.

My Mission
With the support of patrons I will to be able to produce a personalized, daily comprehensive Astronomy forecast that will help backyard astronomers to make more out of their observing time. That forecast should be available on a website, a podcast, maybe even as a video.

This is a sample page from the prototype website.

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When this goal is met, the podcast will come out weekly

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