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About The Sludgeboss

Howdy Folks!

This is my wonderful Patreon site, thank you so much for tuning in!
I'm a 26  year old Illustrator / Fine Artist currently based out of New England with a penchant of slamming beers, consuming horror media with a fervor, and binging a dozen different video games at any given time. I like to make art that blends my nostalgia and influences together into a public access television brand of occult and surreal imagery. :)

What Are You Trying To Do?

OH BOY HOWDY, what am I not trying to do?
I guess artistically I'm trying to create work that explores themes important to me, the surreal, the expressive, gender, body image, taboo, nostalgia, politics, loneliness. 
I'm currently attempting to tackle so many different projects my head will explode any day now. Between video content, to filling up sketchbook after sketchbook, to developing a professional portfolio from scratch, to designing merch for myself and others, creating bodies of work for gallery showings and submissions, I'm up to my ears in "What I'm trying to do"! With your support and feedback I can make it all possible!

In Closing

Becoming a Patron is about support, and it's a mutual thing here. You are a part of making this content happen. Let's hold each other accountable and have some darn good fun while we join each other on this journey called life. I'm glad to call you a friend, and I can't wait to see what we accomplish together.


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Wow This is the start of something! I'll post a quick thank you video!
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