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About The Smart Party

Here at the Smart Party we are all about squeezing the juice out of gaming. Whether GMing, playing, creating or publishing, we have advice, war stories and shared experiences gleaned from decades on gaming's front line. We serve that up through our regular podcast, What Would The Smart Party Do? as well as via our blog and associated publishing adventures. We aim to produce two episodes per month, barring high days and holidays.

Our podcast archive is right here, give it a look and a listen.

Get involved with our endeavours by joining our merry circle and becoming a Smart Party Patron. The man who runs in the internet, but we'd love to get some more content out to our loyal backers, so look forward to being able to produce more content with enough support. Thanks to everyone who helps us with recording equipment and other tech, as well as web hosting costs.

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Choose Your Own Adventure! Kind of! At this stretch goal we will write up a special Smart Party scenario which will star our very own Patrons. Wanna be a redshirt? Or a smooth talking lieutenant? Or a glamorous foil? You decide, and we'll write it up.
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