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About The Sounding Herald

The Sounding Herald is an attempt to build a deep, epic fantasy narrative through news coverage. The foundation of the world-building will take place through the weekly news dispatches, but deeper stories will be told through editorials, special reports, and more.

It is our hope that this type of storytelling will resonate with readers who long for a more flesh-and-bones world, where things are constantly moving and changing, and where we have the freedom to follow the lives of dozens of living, breathing characters.

Your support will allow The Sounding Herald to expand the nature of our storytelling and the medium through which they are told. As our funding allows, we want to provide the following (as noted in our funding milestones):
  1. Hand-drawn art accompanying each weekly dispatch
  2. Twice-monthly editorials from some of Eitera's leading minds
  3. Weekly dispatches read by professional voice actors 

For those of you who are supporting this crazy idea and following the goings-on in Eitera, the team here gives you our sincere thanks!  It is only by your support that we are able to devote time to exploring this wonderful world together with you.
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When we reach $125 in monthly funding, every weekly dispatch will feature a hand-drawn illustration depicting a scene from on the stories that week.

We'll also be able to make some quality-of-life improvements on our website, including removing the Weebly branding and a few other needed improvements.
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