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Hello everybody and a very warm welcome to The Sound Test Room Patreon page.
My name is Doug and I make demo videos for iOS Music Making Apps.
I have been doing this for a good few years now and if you can find it in your hearts to help support me here on Patreon that would mean the world to me, Jo and the rest of my family, oh and not forgetting our little dog Watson.

It has always been my aim to give you fair and honest reviews, so what you see in an app demo is what you'll get if you buy it, I never edit my videos so if it messes up you get to see me try and sort it out.
I only review the apps I like so you won't see any hatchet jobs here.

The iOS music making platform, including your iPad and iPhone is getting better and better all the time and most importantly without your help and support of people like me and the developers of the apps we would not be able to continue.

So you all have my heartfelt thanks and blessings.


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We have a fantastic and amazing community here of people who love iOS music, our love and thanks for bringing us this far now definitely means we can carry on bringing even more exclusive Patreon content.
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