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We will tell you what cars we have booked in advance. You'll know what cars we're reviewing before anyone else does. You can even request cars in the Patreon comments and we will try to get your preferred cars to review.
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We will post a private link to the videos SEVERAL DAYS OR WEEKS EARLY (whenever we can). YOU WILL BE THE FIRST TO WATCH AND COMMENT ON OUR VIDEOS! Plus, you buy us a coffee and get to know what cars are coming up! 



About The Straight Pipes

Yuri and Jakub create high quality videos including new and used car reviews, challenges, as well as engine, intake, and exhaust sounds. Our entire team is made up of Yuri and Jakub. We do everything from scheduling vehicles, filming, editing, and social media.

Yuri and Jakub have quit their old day jobs and decided to do The Straight Pipes full time to bring you more content. That means we need to make enough money to make a living from this and not lose our houses. We will use all of the Patreon money to bring you more of the best content. It will allow us to focus on videos rather than living in a box under a bridge. Join us on Patreon to get access to lots of exclusive rewards!

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