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About The Tea Club

The Tea Club is a band that has been making music and visual art since 2003. As we continue to release new material, a vast collection of unreleased work lies beneath the surface of the public eye (we call this "The Archive"). We want to share "The Archive" with our supporters while also providing an exclusive look into the new works that the band is currently creating. By supporting our Patreon campaign, you are funding our continued creative pilgrimage!

The way it works is this: If you make a monthly donation of $1 or more to this Patreon account, you will gain access to our Patreon only posts. We upload one thing “From the Archive” as well as “Something New” every month.


  • “From The Archive” - Every month, we will upload one thing from The Archive that is unavailable to the rest of the world for your enjoyment! This includes rare demos, live recordings, unreleased studio tracks, b-sides, live videos, unreleased music videos, photos, and concept art. Every post includes background written by a member of the band sharing their memories of how it all happened. The Tea Club has existed since 2003, and we’ve accumulated PLENTY of unreleased material to share!

  • “Something New” - We’re ALWAYS creating! Every month, we will post one brand new thing (a song, video, photo, artwork, etc.) that is Patreon only! You won’t be able to get this content anywhere else!

  • You will also get access to every post we've already uploaded since we began our Patreon in July 2017!

  • We are preparing to release our fifth album, If/When, July 30th, 2019.
  • We are working on artwork for this release. We believe that album artwork is of utmost importance and needs to compliment the music just right! The Tea Club works very closely with our long time artistic collaborator Kendra McGowan to make this happen!
  • We want to make music videos for at least 3 songs from this album. We already made a video for "Sinking Ship", but we want to make videos for other songs as well. We think that videos will help take our songs to whole other level!
  • We would love to professionally film and record a live in-studio concert highlighting music from the band's entire discography. It’s time to document the live band that we’ve become, and share performances of the music that we’ve spent so much of our lives on with the world!
  • We are also still drawing issues for our comic book based on our last album Grappling. Instead of hiring someone else to do this, we've decided to do all of the writing, artwork, and assembling that comes with this beloved art form to make it true to our artistic vision. It’s a wild, exciting, complex, and challenging labor of love, but we must tell the story behind those mysterious songs from the Grappling album and share the worlds in our imaginations with you!

All of this requires a LOT of time and money. But what YOU give here on Patreon helps to fund all of our current and future creative endeavors. It even helps to pay for our practice space! Your support means the world to us and helps to make our ideas become a reality! Thank you!!

50 – reached! patrons
When we reach 50 Patrons, we will mail ALL 50 Patrons a personalized autographed thank you note with a drawing done by one of the members of the band!
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