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YOU GET TO BE ON A SPECIAL AMBASSADOR BOARD. You know how sometimes someone says they're on some advisory board and they sound fancy? That's kind of what happens here. After pledging, you'll receive a link to join our "inner circle" email list, which we'll use when we need feedback or suggestions or when we're lacking disciplinarians and need someone to put our butts in line. We also might let this list know about upcoming plans for the site before we announce them publicly. (This all goes for any pledge from $1 up.)

Every single dollar helps Kinda Funny grow to hire new employees, make new shows, throw crazy live events, and one day get a bigger studio. 

Back us here and you get Greg's Comic Book Club monthly and a cool Reddit Flair next to your name! Thank you for your support! <3 


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ALL EGYPTIAN PHARAOHS CAN READ THE TEMPEST FOR FREE BECAUSE OF YOU. More than 3 million people visit The Tempest every month, and if each of them pledged just a penny, we'd hit our goal. None of the 170 pharaohs from Egypt's history have pledged anything yet, but your monthly pledge has them all covered.
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YOU'RE KIND OF A HEROIC PERSON. Pledging $15 or more a month puts you in hero territory. We all have a handful of monthly $15 costs, and we seriously appreciate you carving out one of yours for us.




We're The Tempest, and it's been one hell of a past three years. We've grown the fam from just a few thousand people to millions every month, started 40 Women to Watch to honor you, won several awards, used your support to keep our operations afloat as we've grown, and graduated hundreds of incredible fellows and writers into the world. 

We've been killing it for you by listening to your feedback, reading every email and note and comment you've sent, and now, we need your help. 

Your support in The Tempest goes towards scaling operations, staff wages, new initiatives, and content, and we literally wouldn't be here without you! Please continue to support us, share us with your friends and family and let's take this journey together. 
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Any funding we raise on Patreon is hugely helpful, but this is the goal that would allow us to keep going and thriving without fear of the site crashing or being unable to pay writers. We're able to keep growing the stories you come to read - stories of vulnerability, of resistance, and of change. 

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