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What We Do
The Ticket to Travel YouTube channel is run by Nathan & Danica Reid as our sole means of income. We live in Nagaland, India, and are loving it. We've done all sorts of jobs before we started vlogging, from janitorial work to English teaching (both jobs were not at the same school, that would be awkward...). 


How long you been at this?
Started YouTubing in August 2015.

What's your niche?
Not your run-of-the-mill travel vlogging, but we focus on doing out of the ordinary things in out of the way places. We get hands on instead of just spectate. 

You guys married?
Yep, to eachother. 

What do you want from me?
We want you to help out if you desire and have the circumstances. We don't charge for our content, but we only get a small amount from YouTube. The more support we have, the higher quality our content will be able to be. More than that, it ensures our ability to continue creating!

So this is basically a money grab, not some new innovation that will enrich our lives? Is that what I'm getting right now?
Well, that's a little blunt, but yes, this a platform to get funding to creators by viewers who want the creators to continue and to succeed. As explained in our Patreon video, we feel uncomfortable rewarding our viewers based on how much money they give us, as many viewers are not in the circumstances to support us monetarily. 

Fair enough. Did you know my school had a teacher who was also the janitor?
No I didn't. Cool...

So, like, I give a dollar a month? Isn't that like an insult, like tipping a waiter a penny?
Well, every bit adds up, it is similar to crowdfunding, so every bit makes a difference when added up. Of course, if it makes you feel better, you can donate $5 per month or more according to your situation.

What can we expect if we all help out, and give a little?

This will allow us to continue living abroad and making videos on our channels for you to enjoy. 

I suppose so. We get anything else by being a Patron for you guys?
We know some of our viewers aren’t in the circumstances to donate, and we respect them as much as those that are in the position to help out. We want the motive behind any patrons donations to be from the heart. Therefore, we don't offer specific rewards exclusively to patrons. However, we do suggest you subscribing to our newsletter to keep up to date in a more personal way, which you can subscribe to here:

Any last words?
No, that's long enough. Wait, yes, there is something. Thank you. To all, whatever you can do, thank you very much for your support.
$16 of $300 per month
Everything we are doing on our own dollar, so we tend to scrimp a bit, especially when it comes to camera equipment and project budgets on filming YouTube videos. This goal will help us to keep things going and gradually increase the quality of our videos with better equipment suited to what we are doing. More importantly, it ensures that our content continues. We'll put a little bit of it aside every month to use for upgrading and maintaining our equipment.
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