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About David

tl;dr: I want to write more high quality content, but that takes time, and time is money. Support me and I'll do my best to write high quality content as often as I can (you'll never be charged for more than one a week). Better yet, once you've pledged $10, I'll send you some stickers for free!

I write privacy tutorials and articles over at TheTinHat.com, where every post is the product of hours of work. Unfortunately, as it is for many others, my time is in short supply. I'm currently finishing up a Master's degree focusing on biometric surveillance and resistance, and will be starting a PhD in 2018, but I don't want to get lost purely in academic issues; I want to provide practical help to real people. TheTinHat.com is how I attempt to do that. 

Because of the time committment, it can be hard to put the site high on my priority list, particularly when my other priorities are what are putting food on the table. Getting some income in return for my work on the site makes allocating more time to it much more manageable. The problem, however, is that I refuse to paste advertisements from Google all over my privacy site so that everyone is passively sucked into Google's databases.

Enter Patreon. I'm asking you to help fund each post I make so that I can create more content and turn a hobby into a job.

Why should you become a Patron? You enjoy my work and want to directly support my ability to write about privacy!

What will the money be used for? Food, rent, tuition, and the occasional board game. Also, as more goals are achieved, I'll be setting up extra Tor and I2P relays, as well as donating money to various charities. 

How many posts per month can I expect? For now, at most once per week. There is a tough trade-off between writing useful content that doesn't expire in a week (like news posts), and the amount of time that well-crafted and timeless posts require. It's much harder to build content that's useful to people for years to come than it is to quickly fire-off some news about some company's bad data-mining practices.

Why per post and not per month? Simply because of the fact that given my grad-school schedule, I go through between having a tonne of free time to write posts, and having no time at all. Therefore, because there might be a few stretches each year where I don't post content, it makes much more sense to just charge per post and write whenever I can!
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Woah. Okay now we're getting somewhere pretty respectable. Expect much higher quality content at this rate.

Up goes another Tor/I2P relay, bringing the relay count to three, plus a $25CAD donation every month to charity as voted for in a Patreon poll (think EFF, Tor Project, I2P, etc)
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