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I produce a monthly podcast about Canadian theatre design and the artists who design it.  This is a project that celebrates the history of Canadian theatre that largely remains untold while talking about the future of design in Canada.  Your patronage will help me to continue to produce high-quality interviews with the designers that you love and bring you special content like panel recordings and special interviews from around Canada.  I need your help to pay for bandwidth, equipment and travel to locations other than Toronto to insure archival-quality interviews that will continue to inform and inspire the new artists and high-level amateurs that are my audience.  I am considering some perks for those who donate more than a few bucks, so if you have any ideas, like branded drafting pencils or more Title Block gel for your maglite, let me know!
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It takes about 6-8 hours to produce one episode of the show.  This includes travel to and from the recording location, editing, show notes, and promotion.  If I can carve out more time to get one extra podcast per month, this will allow me to bring content online quicker and interview more guests.
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