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I'm new to Patreon, but I thought I'd make a page. I do not expect support, but I would be more than grateful if you showed me support. My name is Thomas, and I am the main fella behind The Tommy Trials (T3 Productions). At T3, we made a commitment to family friendly commentary in our videos. While not all of our content is meant for the whole family, you can leave them running without any concern for those around you, young or elderly. Right now, due to financial constraints, I also work a full time job, my dream is to do this for a living! I am also fighting active Multiple Sclerosis, as well as Crohn's disease, and I'd love the opportunity to prove to myself and the world, that these diseases do not have to dictate who you are! Any support you give my channel will go into the channel, not into my pocket book. By pledgeing your support, you help evolve T3 for the better!
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